Sloppy cuts and losing detail

I appreciate it. I never considered that it would happen that quickly!

It also seems that the profile issue was stepover being set to 40%. I set it to .01 and it was dead on.

Again, i am new, so i am trying to determine how this is all interelated and being able to see how a seemingly insignificant bit setting impacts the cutting.

@Pkaser I don’t believe that the step over should have any effect on the accuracy of the cut. The outside cut of your calendar should be accurate in reference to your vcarve no matter what step over you set. A smaller step over will, of course give you a better 3D carve.

One question, though. For your calendar, you are using a vcarve for the detail and a profile cut for the outer cut out, correct? If so, step over is a non-issue. Maybe I’m confused. :grinning:

Yeah, thats a good point. Maybe it wasnt the stepover, lol. I was REALLY frustrated and being new i may have just been lucky that its issue was resolved somehow

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Yes, vcarve and profile.

@Pkaser In the end, whatever works is the right answer