Start from line

Carving a multi day project, using limit switches a have job zero in p2 workspace. Shut down overnight restarted the following day, homed, changed to workspace p2, goto xy0, zero x, load file and use start from function, hit start machine goes to incorrect start point, ie not at beginning of line, z goes lower than it should travels along x partway reverses then stops midway and gives alarm 2, even though I have at least 1" travel available in x and a good 20" either direction in y. Tried multiple times using different start lines, shutdown reload file try again same results. Gsender 1.4.7. Ruined an expensive project again.

@Mickus I do not have an answer, Michael, merely a question, the answer to which may help you find a solution. You’ve said that after homing, you change to P2 and go to XY0. Then you “zero x”. If you have arrived at XY0, are you saying that for some reason at that point gSender is not displaying X=0, so you are zeroing X at whatever that location is?

Grant what I am saying is I tried it both ways. 1. homing then into p2 goto xy0 and attempt start from line 999812. 2. homing then into p2 goto xy0 rezero z with touchplate attemt start from line 999820. In both cases it does not start in the correct position it starts in middle of line does about 1/3 of line at a constant z reverses then stops and gives soft limit alarm.
I decided to restart from scratch, ran for about 5 1/2hrs stopped with hard limit alarm. I looked at the restart line and it suggested line 269 when it should have been closer to 800000. I am on a 48 30 running a 24 diameter carve setup dead center of the workspace, my max z in carve is 0.749 I do not get anywhere near the limits so I am at a loss. I gave up and came inside to sulk.

@Mickus Can’t say as I blame you, Michael. I think in your first post, there was just a typo. You said zero X when you meant zero Z as you’ve said in this latest post.

I’m sure that someone will have some advice. I don’t use switches/homing. I do use work spaces, but without homing, their use is a bit different. It is really odd that start from is suggesting line 269 when it should be closer to 800000. I’ve used start from successfully a few times without weird stuff like that.

Grant I decided to turn off the switches and reposition my zero to left front. I will redo a test piece and stop about 1/3 way to test start from function. If it works, which I think it will, I will rerun the actual job. I think the problems are related to the limit switches. Though only last week did I upgrade from 1.2.2 to 1.4.7. Which may be a factor, though I have never used the start from line previously.

@Mickus I think that’s a good approach to getting to the root of the issue, Michael. I moved from 1.2.2 when the new “series” of gSender came out and have not experienced many of the issues that others seem to have. As I have no use for switches, I am not able to help anyone whose issues seem to stem from them. Please report back if your experiment works. Also, be sure to notify Sienci directly. I know that they are looking into some issues with the Superlongboard, which seem to have something to do with the switches. I’m sure that your input will be useful.

I am currently using a regular longboard that I repaired in January due to a short issue. At the time longboards were on backorder so I ordered a super longboard that I received a few weeks ago but have not installed yet due to not wanting to make too many changes at the same time as I knew I would need to upgrade gsender also. I had tried earlier versions of 1.4 but had issues so reverted back to trusty 1.2.
I tried the start from function this afternoon on a test piece without switches and it worked 3 out of 3 times so I am hopeful that I will not have any issues when I do the actual job early next week.

@Mickus Well, it’s a good start.

Just for my clarification, in a previous post you said that you were running 1.4.7 gS. You had switches on.

With your successful test, switches are off, but are you back to 1.2.2 also? If so, we can’t know for sure which change fixed the issue - no switches or revert to 1.2.2.