Surfacing issues

MK2 went together perfectly after I took care of a few self inflicted mistakes, then I started on my waste board and only busted one bit, was a good one too. That was also self inflicted, screw in the wrong place but I have been told I will break a few on my journey. So now we get to surfacing, I am using the g code from Garrett Fromme site for my waste board and it worked well except the surfacing part. It started on the left front corner moving front to back and as the cut moved right the cut started to show a higher cut on the cuts moving from front to the back and lower cuts on the move to the back to front. They are consistent front to back.

I have not checked the v wheels yet, wondering if they are not adjusted properly on the right side causing the X movement to rise as it moved right. Just not sure so any thought out there. I posted a couple pictures that I hope show the problem.

Well not sure what it was, I went back and adj the V wheels, adj the backlash nut assembly on the right side, and made sure everything was tight. I had some play on the right side, then ran the surfacing program again and it ran very smooth. Here are some pictures of the results. I do have a problem that I think is in the program for the spoilboard. The hold down nuts are closer together on the Y axis than on the X axis, I’m not thrilled about that. But other than that everything ran smoothly and it’s a good looking board. Then I laid out some hold downs and ran my first project that also ran very smooth.
Now on to bigger projects.

@MikeH It looks like you are all sorted out and doing projects, Mike.

I’ll close this thread. If I am mistaken and you still an outstanding issue, send me a PM and I’ll re-open this.