Tool Changes with manual Z height

So how are you guys working out the tool changes with gSender? In the past, I used a separate file for each tool. I would like to use the tool change process with one file for all, but I set my Z height with a probe, mainly at the surface of the material. With 0.7.4, I can’t seem to figure out how to manually set the tool height after the change. It seems any pause of the job during a tool change command, does not allow jogging. I know I can setup gcode to auto check the height on a fixed location, but since I use a probe on the surface of the material, there is no set location. What are you folks doing to circumnavigate this issue?

I should have mentioned, I did read through the forums and saw some ideas on running macros to do this. i just don’t know if gSender has been, or is planned to be able to deal with this particular issue in a unique way. Thanks

Look at the explanation I got under gSender 0.75 thread

Check out this post: