Troubles connecting with MacBookPro

Can’t seem to get my laptop to connect to my Longmill. Laptop is new, just built the mill. Not seeing a lot of information for Mac users. MacBook only has USB C so I’m connecting the USB to a USB adapter dongle (that works fine for everything else)

Got Java, UGS, mill all wired in and cant seem to make things work. Any advice or guidance is appreciated.

Frustrated, feel like I’m missing something that I shouldn’t be missing…

I don’t have any MacBook experience. If you plug a USB device into a Window PC the PC dings to let you know. Does a MacBook do that? If so, did the MacBook recognize something was plugged in?

Do you have a Windows PC or Laptop that you can try just for the purpose of problem solving?

The Longmill controller is turned on, isn’t it? I’m assuming it is, but just needed to ask.

It is plugged in, but ya, ya made me look :wink:

Exclusively Apple here.

No ‘bonks’ for connected devices.

I assume the control board is on, I can’t see a power switch. Emergency stop is connected and disengaged.

@bigwater When you say that you cannot get things to work, what do you mean. Does UGS see the laptop? I know pretty much nothing about Mac, but from what I can see, UGS looks very similar to the windows version. You will have a circle arrow icon that you click to refresh the ports that UGS can see. Unlike windows, you won’t see com ports. You will see something like
/dev/tty.usbmodem* or /dev/tty.usbserial.

Do you see anything like that in UGS?

I agree, it looks very similar.

I have a cu.usbmodem.141201 and a

When I can connect to both of them. There is no functionality there tho. If I try to change the feed rate, error message says GRBL is still loading. Jog controller is greyed out.

Do you see any LEDs on in the LM control box? There should be several including 4 larger red LEDs on the driver boards.

No lights on the controller.

Small very dim green light on the AC/DC adapter

OK. That’s the problem. The control box should be lit up. I have an earlier version of the LM that doesn’t have the emergency stop button. Do you have to pull the Emergency stop button up to turn on? I know that you typically push them down to turn things off. Is there still a power switch on the LM controller? If so, is it on? The E-Stop is plugged into the LM Control Box? The power adapter is plugged into the LM control Box? Cables are plugged securely into the power adapter?

Thanks for your help. I bet thats the problem.
No lights on the control box at all. I tried the button in both positions, no change. However the button has arrows around the perimeter. Your question has put me into an existential crisis. After the wine kicks in, I’ve remembered the button works by pressing down, is reset by twisting.
No power switch “play pause and stop” buttons on top of the controller.

Looks like that one, but has power in where the switch is located.
Cables are all snug.
E stop is plugged into the “top” of the board.

Appreciate your patience

One last thing you could check before you have to get out the multimeter, hoping you have one. That is to check that the screws are tight on the green connector on the end of the cable coming from the AC adapter. Reread the assembly instructions for the electronics to make sure the color coded wires are inserted correctly into the cable. They should because the connector comes on the cable, but you never know. Also note the comment about cutting the tinned ends off of the wires (silver ends) and reinserting the wires and tightening the screws. This may not be necessary, but if tightening the screws makes things work it would probably be a good idea.

If things still don’t work break out the multimeter and figure out where the voltage from the adapter is getting lost.

Reviewed all connections. Everything seems tight and secure.

Going to kick it over to Sienci, see what they say.

Thanks again for your help.

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