Upside down letters

good morning
when cutting letters, they are upside down. that is, the top of the letter appears at the bottom. is there a way to reverse this?

@bubalarry - Could you supply a little more info please. Pictures, software being used, etc.?

i will post a video on the Facebook page.
i am using ugs g code sender for the code. the info comes from the long mill line file on the starter projects page. rather than use a laptop, i have a raspberry pi4.
on the video, you’ll see the router moving but not going into the wood. zero was reset, etc.
also at the bottom of the wood there are partial letters cut out but done upside down. the 2 letters are L and O. the bottom of the L appears upside down.
Iim waiting on a pending approval on Facebook to insert a video.

@bubalarry I noticed you had another post about not cutting deep enough to cut the letters and now they look upside-down as a new problem. Were you able to fix the first problem and this is a new one?

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Unfortunately I do not have any definitive solution to this issue or your depth of cut issue. I have no experience running ugs on a raspberry pi, but I would suggest that you start with the idea that may be the issue. I believe that Chris generated the toolpaths running Carbide Create on a windows based machine. You are taking those toolpaths and sending them to your Mill from a raspberry pi. I don’t think that it’s unlikely that something is being lost in the translation, so to speak.

I’ve copied this to your other post concerning your depth of cut issue, so that others may chime into either discussion.

thanks for the response.
today i used my laptop and was able to cut the wood using another image. but its still upside down. i read that the y+ and y- can be reversed.
tomorrow ill use the raspberry pi on the same image.
any help is appreciated.

@bubalarry Is it just upside down or is it reversed, too?

@bubalarry - Check your wire colors on the plugs going into the controller. All four plugs should be the same wire color sequence. Colors are, from left, blue, yellow, green and red. Check the plugs into the motors. They should go in only 1 way. Make sure they are correct. Poorly seated motor connectors can cause strange problems. Lastly go to and go into the resources tab. It will bring up the longmill assembly guide. Look under electronics for controller setup and wiring info. Plenty of pictures. Hope this helps.

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It’s almost as though the motors are all backwards either physically or electrically. I would check the electrical polarity as Heyward suggests or if that seems ok, see if the steppers are correctly installed, or perhaps your entires assembly needs to be switched 180 degrees.

Wrt the pic i suppose the letters are mirrored in y-direction (around the x-axis), not rotated by 180deg.
To check the wiring is in general a good point, but here it would mean that both y-motors are wired wrong.
I assume this is a systematic failure not a random failure, maybe a mismatch of the coordinatesystems in ugs and cam-software.
Could be helpful to see your .nc file.

@bubalarry What post processor are you using, Larry? Are you using Carbide Create as your cam software?

If the letters are upside down but in the correct sequence from left to right, and if your non-letter carvings, such as relief carvings are also reversed too to bottom onthe Y-axis (fromt to back axis), it sounds like the Y-axis stepper has a reversed connection.

sorry, top to bottom, not too to bottom…