Variable feed rate control

Hey guys. New to the forum and CNC’ing - recently finished a home built CNC (Root 4 Lite) and only in my first couple of weeks of learning how to create tool paths and run the CNC (Mega 5X GRBL, RAMPS 1.4).

Have been trying different software options for controlling the machine and gcode today (UGS64 used up until now), and really like the feel of gsender. A really fresh and modern feel on GRBL.

I may have missed it, but is there an option to vary feed rates in realtime (e.g. by a slider)?


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When. It’s up and running there is a button to add +100 or +500 I think

(I am in bed)


Thanks for the response from bed - above and beyond the call of duty! :slight_smile:

Just fired it up again and see now I missed the very nice status display below the main 3D window when a job is running showing gcode line, % completion and yes - option to speed or slow feed rates in real time. And all that disappears if no job running.

Think I was concentrating too closely on the CNC first couple of times with one hand on the GRBL reset button and other on main power - wasn’t relaxed enough to be watching what gsender was doing.

Thanks again,

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