Version 7.2 Z axis issues

Went to perform the OUTLINE routine. The tool moves up traces the outline and stops moving at the start of the outline point and moves Z to 0.00. Clicked on GO TO ZERO and the machine drags the tool across the surface at Z=0.00 until it returns to all axis =0.00. For fun, I moved the tool using the jog controls away from 0.00 in all three axis. Clicked on GO TO ZERO and the first motion is the Z axis going to 0.00 then moving the X and Y to their 0.00.

Could you do me a favour and check your safe height as set in preferences (General tab, “Movement” field set)? If it’s set to something other than “0” it will move Z to that height before moving in the XY - try setting it to a larger value to avoid moving across the piece when travelling in XY.

Also, if you can share a screenshot of your console so we can see exactly what commands are being sent when you press “Go To Zero” that would be useful.

The safe Z remains at 0.75 inches.

Do you have limit switches set up on your machine? FYI the “Goto XYZ0” has now been turned to “Goto XY0”