What are your plans for a table?

I am currently using this table that I designed and built while waiting for my Longmill to arrive; however, I found that I rarely stowed it vertically and it virtually eliminates the pass-through option for doing projects longer than the machine. Also am looking to upgrade my X axis to 48, so I am designing a new one. However, this design has served me very well to start off with.

Personally, I have done a lot of research into tables for the CNC and I have found that everyone has different uses, preferences, and shop requirements/limitations. There are a lot of really creative and innovative designs out there. Given that you are on this forum, I am guessing you are pretty handy to begin with. My suggestions is to take the features your like from the vast number of designs out there, and incorporate them into your own design specifically customizede to your situation so that it will work with your available space, your power service, dust collection, etc.

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