What are your plans for a table?

@MikeH - It is really up to you whether you need that 3/4" or not (if your spoil board is 3/4"). Otherwise no advantage IMHO.

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Nice looking table you’ve made, Mike! Hope that the tabletop will be rigid enough to withstand warping. (I see several screw holes located in a grid pattern across the top, which suggests you’ve got some degree of a gridwork there)

Marty from Kingston, ON

Thank you. The table does have supports and it is very rigid. I hope it is enough. I have also made a few modifications to the table. I have taken the top center drawer out made a hole in the top wasteboard, I have placed a small scissor jack in it braced from below. I will make it so I can lower it enough to put a roller in it to use with the laser and when done take the roller out and move that part of the waste board back into place.
So far the jack is mounted and all seems to be working. The system is scheduled to arrive today and after I get it set up I will machine and surface the wasteboard and we should be set. I will let you know how it goes. If it works I will send pictures…

Up and running.

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Looks nice @MikeH I will have to have a look on IDC ‘ s website for the spoiler board plans.
Be safe!

Thanks Jake. I have mentioned in a few places that the holes in the board for the hold downs have different spacing on the X axis than the Y. I’m not sure why but before you cut yours you might want to double check the spacing. It is going to make it a pain to make jigs that will work in both directions.

I appreciate that Mike, thanks so much. I am going to fine tune mine and hopefully get it secured to my workbench today. Then I have to figure out the neatest routing for the wiring. It’s getting close to being ready to do more than moving it back and forth.

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Your plans look sound. Only concerns are about wood movement as you are using wood slides to be able to move your spoil board out of the way to use the vertical jig. Not sure where you live an the various levels or rates of humidity in your area or if you are in a conditioned space I.E. heated in winter, mechanical cooling dehumanization in summer.
I am considering something that untilizes 8020 aluminum profile series 15. With 3/4 Baltic Birch top. With a spoil board in MDF like on IDC Woodworking. Also With a removable set back area in the front of the CNC to clamp vertically and or for future usage of a Rotary axis with the Longmill MK2 48 x 30 I recently purchased. Best of luck and your creativity flow in all your endeavors with the CNC.

Thank you for your comments. I suppose time will tell with the wood slides. I am in Pennsylvania, so we certainly get humidity here, but I will have my CNC in a conditioned space. I am hoping that will help mitigate any issues. If it proves to be an issue, my backup plan is to install steel slides with ball bearings. Fortunately, the wood slides are easily removable.