X- Axis Inaccuracy

Just completed 48 x 30 machine assembly, updated Vcarve Pro and Gsender to required parameters.
Using 24 x 24 board attempted t0 carve 2" circle in center to test for accuracy.
Result was Y axis height correct, X axis 4" left of center and Oval carved instead of circle.
Machine is dead square and adjusted to specs.

Hello @mwbeard1957 and welcome to the forum. You mention the Y dimension is correct but didn’t say what the X dimension of the oval is.

Is the oval longer along the Y axis like the X axis is not moving enough? If so you may want to check out this post by Sienci. They mention a couple of things to check with the X axis if that’s the issue.

When I assembled my MK1 30x30 I didn’t get the motor to lead screw coupler tight enough and the X axis would slip under load.

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Got it this morning, did a burn to the system board again this morning and this time it seems to have taken hold. Works like a charm now. Thanks!


could you please explain in more detail on what you meant by" did a burn to the system board again".

Here is my issue. After upgrading my MK 1 to the 48x30 I am having issues with the X axis. I have to change the X axis travel resolution [ $100] to 100.000 from the default setting of 200.000. At the default setting the x axis will stay in one spot making a horrible noise. I tried for 3 days straight adjusting the v-wheels with no luck. changing the value seems to be the only thing that works. Also, I noticed in the settings under machine profiles, I don’t see the 48x30. I see every other longmill machines. Could that be an issue?

Any Ideas ?