X axis problems

My long mill has been idle for a couple of months. I finally got back to it this week and my x axis is malfunctioning. At low feed rates from 0 - 40 or 50 ipm, it does not move. The motor stutters back and forth as if it is stuck. At 60 - 120 ipm it moves well but sounds like it is working hard. Any feed rate higher than that it seems to run properly. When running programs it seems to run for a period of time then lose its x location and try to carry on in the wrong position. I have run the surfacing program using gsender successfully at 60 ipm with a 1/4” cutter on an area about 15 x 30” without actually cutting (or running the router) just in mid air.

I have readjusted the v wheels, backlash nut, and coupler. The axis moves very freely by turning the lead screw by hand. I have run out of ideas.

I have read a few threads in the forum, including the “x axis woes”. I have checked the connections and they seem accurate. It seems to me that the motor may not be running at the correct power - like it is not pushing as hard as it should.

The use of my machine has been very light so far including mostly work with a marker clamped to the router so students could write g code to write their name. So I don’t believe I have done anything that would have taxed the machine.

Thank you for any advice anyone can provide

Have you thought about swapping motors to see if it is the one motor?

@jward Jon: Although there is no reason to believe anything hardware-related has changed, it may be a good idea to reset the dip switches on the X driver board. Also, unplug the wire from the motor and plug it in again. Finally, check that the wires from the X motor to the green plug on the controller are secure in the screws.

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@chrismakesstuff @gwilki I opened the controller to check the dip switches. They looked okay but I toggled them anyway. However on visual inspection of the soldered joints on the x axis motor driver the connections look sketchy and I am wondering if vibration has compromised them. Here are some pictures….thoughts are appreciated. Should I attempt to re-solder or should I find another method of repair/replace?

Wow they look ugly. Even if this did not cause your problem, I would resolter the pins to exclude this issue from the list of possibilities.

@jward I’m with Jannik. If you are comfortable with re-soldering those pins, go for it. It looks like there are some cold solder joints, which frequently will fail.

How old is your Mill?

I received it in January of this year. It worked flawlessly for 3 months then I got busy and it has been idle until last week when I tried to start it up and had a problematic x axis.

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@jward Jon. Before messing with the solder joints, check the connections in the green plug. If the wires are tinned, cut the tinned part off, strip some insulation back, and put them back under the screws. Tighten well.

This has been found to cause some issues with other units over time. If the wires are tinned, I would recommended that you cut the tinned part off of all the wires while you are at it. Even if they are not tinned, make sure they are all tight.

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Those driver pins look BAD. Those look like connections ready to go loose and cause issues. I’m ashamed your board looks like that. If you’re comfortable fixing yourself then feel free, otherwise I’d be more than happy to replace - you can submit your issue and say that Chris approves (Technical Help | Sienci Labs)

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@chrismakesstuff Thanks Chris. I did resolder the pins and have since run two parts (each about a 40 minute program). Everything seems to be working as expected now.