Xrail is giving issues

Hi so when i move my xrail to the right from the left its stuck and when i get itbgoing half ways in the middle its stuck again also the long screw that drives it vibrates and shakes like crazy

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Try turning it by hand till it gets tight, then check for binding at that point, could be a number of things wheel alignment and tension, feedscrew block tension, dirt on the rails, rocking of gantry side to side etc. You want to be able to move the gantry by hand through its complete travel.

I had a similar issue but was able to eliminate the jamming and most of the vibrations: ZX-Axis Gantry rough movement / binding - #3 by JdotPo

Hopefully something in the post helps…

Ya i can tyrn it all easy by hand

@Cncbeginner Steve. Coming from someone that has just recently X myself to death.

Couple of things to try: what speed are you jogging? If not at least normal try that. Second try backing off the antibacklash til loose and see if you can jog. Third pay attention to the wheels (can you see them turning, does one stop turning) and see if one may have a flat spot or is just too tight. If none of those things help switch the X and Z connectors at the controller, always power off the controller when changing connectors around, now jog the Z and see if it works.

Ya tried all that thanks. Y the way and its still doing it also cuttting off rhe line like its stepping over

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@Cncbeginner Probably time to contact Sienci.