Y axis not square


I have an issue when I’m carving a long point on my Y, it’s not square to the piece.

I have narrow on bottom and wider at the top (distance to edge of piece) on the left, and the opposite (wide at bottom and narrow at the top).

My Y seems out of alignment, hoping to do a bunch of work and this throws things off.

How can I get it square in the Y direction?


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@Bizbrar - RB, use the Calibrate icon in gSender (upper right corner) after you have verified measurements across (between all three feet) and diagnally at opposite corners. Diagnally is very important since both opposite corner measurements need to match exactly. The closer you get these numbers the closer you will be to square. Then use the gSender calibrate function to more accurately check the squareness. The calibration app will tell you how much you are out of alignment so you can adjust. I recently checked mine and I am out .87mm on the Y at 100mm test. When I tried a 400mm test I’m out 3.84mm which shows that out of alignment increases the farther you go with your test. I’m fixing to unscrew mine and re-align since I’ve been having problems with tight fitting boxes. Obviously due to misalignment. Take your time and measure as many times as it takes to square up. Hope I got that right.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll try that.

The machine cuts well, but I have a cut that goes over 20 inches and it’s off by about 8 mm.