Z axis problem - inconsistent

Having an issue with the Z axis, shouldn’t be code related as I’ve used this gcode successfully a number of times.

It seems the Z is travelling inconsistently on the way up or down. To test, I zero the tip, just touching a card (A) and then jogging up and down a number or times, using a couple different values, then return it to zero and the tip is about 2 mm into the material (B).

I’ve tighten everything and checked wire connections. Same issue with gSender 1.0.4 and 1.0.5.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I am curious as to what is happening with your machine.
Lately I have read a few posts referencing z-axis issues.

@jason.shoes Are you using gSender? Which version?

With the bit touching the card, you are clicking on the GUI “Z zero” button, correct? Does the Z value then show 0?

Then you raise and lower the bit using the jog buttons, and click on “go to Z0”. The bit buries itself in the wood.

All questions, no answers yet. :upside_down_face: I just want all here to understand the steps that you took and the results.


I’ve tried both ways, using go to 0 or just moving it make manually, in both cases confirming gSender was reading 0. I was using 1.0.4 when I had the original problem, updated to 1.0.5 and same issue (the photo is from 1.0.5).

The problem seems much less severe after tightening everything, I will do some more testing today.

I wonder about the anti-backlash nut, could be slipping or too tight? I’m never quite sure how tight those are supposed to be…

For all the anti-backlash nuts, you want them only tight enough to take out the movement of the gantry on the lead screw. WRT the Z axis nut, you want it to be only tight enough to stop all up and down movement.

This will not be gcode related as you are not getting as far as running the code. Since you mention that you’ve run files successfully. we need to determine what changed. Have you successfully set Z0 using gSender?