Z Axis will not raise or lower

Today I have had a break down with my Z axis not rising or completely lowering now either, it was trying it sounded like there was something stopping it. I had a good look around it and I can’t see anything that could be stopping from rising or lowering. There is no excess movement in any or the parts as I adjust anything that is needed every weekend and clean.
Now the Scary part where does the very small bearings come from as I found a couple of them laying on my job so where ever they come from is the issue and what needs to be done to fix it? I am in the middle of customer orders when this happened

@ARG those little ball bearings come from the linear rails on the Z axis. You can, with difficulty, put the balls back in, but if they are falling out they probably won’t stay in . You can probably buy just the linear bearings but I think most of the time they come as a set, i.e. rail and bearing. If you search the forum or FB group you can probably find recommendations for replacements. You might be able to get them from Scienci, too.

Bad linear bearings would also explain why your Z-axis doesn’t want to move.

@ARG That’s a new one, Allan. I suggest that you write to sienci support to get their take on this. I believe that Paul has right as to what the bearings are. Sienci sells the linear rails here

Thanks I do plan to call them tomorrow first thing as this machine is now only 70 days old.

@ARG I’m sure that they will take care of you, Allan.

I’m confident of that I have found them great with service and assistance anytime its been needed so I can’t see this being anything different. Its just times like this I’m REALLY glad I bought Canadian and not from China

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