3020 PRO MAX - 500W not recognized in gSender

I have been using UGS for about 5 years now and there were always some things that could have been improved, so I kind of re-discovered gSender and after some testing I am sticking with gSender.

My CNC is working fine but it is not recognized in gSender. When connecting I just see 3 unrecognized options and when I click the right one, everything seems to work, except for the jog control options other than UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT, so the shortcuts between them (the arrows that point at 45, 135, 225 and 325 degrees don’t work) Do I need to flash my CNC to make them work and the CNC to be recognized?

For the rest, I love gSender, it’s got all it needs to have, great piece of software!

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Are you selecting grbl or grblhal at bottom?
you could also try another version and see if you have same issue


@Jaap it’s possible that your 3020 is running an older version of grbl? When you connect in the console could you copy/paste the output and put it on here