Anyone using phone/tablet for set-up and run in Gsender?

Curious if anyone is using the remote function in Gsender and how well it works? Any issues using it- delay or mishaps----

Any info would be great!

@760woodworking I’ve moved your topic to the gSender Question category. It will get more attention there.

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Try looking at this YouTube video, I have not tried to do this , but at least you will have the basic idea. , Run Your CNC Router REMOTELY… From Your PHONE!! - No Game Controller Needed ,

Right saw that, I’m looking for someone who has actually run it that way. Any issues they may have had.

I’ve used it, and did not have any issues.

I’ve tested it but it was back when it first became available and had issues.

Now I’d prefer a wired in place solution.

How did this go, wiring pretty basic?

If you’re referring to my previous post, I don’t have a wired solution yet. I’m looking forward to doing that with my PC.

In the beginning when it was just on Edge, no. Now that it is on gSender 1.2.2 through current 1.4.3, the middle of the phone screen is scrunched up using Firefox (overlapping frames (web talk)). Using Chrome, the screen is fine.

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