First roughing pass cuts with gSender

Finally I have taken the plunge and I installed and got gSender running. I have just started a roughing pass for a carving of a duck in 3D. I was able to run @NeilFerreri’s macro for using BitSetter. I hope that the information stored in the macro is inserted into the macros for the subsequent tool change.

I wanted to try the probing routines but I use a BitZero 2 probe and the routine is begun with the probe already in the hole of the device. If any person know how to implement the inbuilt probe routine for BitZero, I would be much obliged to get good information on how to use the BitZero 2 with the gSender probe routines.

Pix: The rough cut pass in progress. American maple wood. Cutter 1/4" 2 flute, carbide endmill with 22mm flute length.


@jepho I think I saw you continue this conversation in another thread so I’ll close this one :slight_smile: