gSender 1.1.7 Outline Drawing Wrong Lines

I just noticed that when running an Outline test before cutting, gSender followed the long “rapid” part of the path up to the toolpath starting point. Vectric is good at choosing to start wherever it damn well pleases. In this case, a pocket was started 15" away from the zero corner.

This showed the Outline of the job as starting XYZ=zero (the center of a 1" diameter tool) and sloping over to the starting point 15" away. This made me question my toolpath and equipment which I spent doing for 15 - 30 minutes.

The job gCode was fine and cut normally, but the Outline was/is screwed up.

The start point can be moved, if needed, in Vetric.

You can move the start point on a vector, but that doesn’t mean the toolpath generator will observe that start point. It won’t for sure if you use a pocket toolpath with automatic layer selection. And in other ways. Change / add points and make them the start point, but the pocket toolpath will not recognize the change.

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