Not connecting to mksdcl32 board

Hello have the MKS dlc 32 on a Twotrees 3018 pro jog is grayed out.

@Mikebanak This is a 32 bit board, I believe. Are you running grblHal?

Yes 32 bit. In Candle says GRBL 1.1. I am able to connect but in the graphics area says connecting .

@Mikebanak This thread may help.

Will try from the link. Shows the same screen that I have. Will try to trip a limit switch.

Thank You, that worked. Would not have figured that out by myself. Now to start playing with the program.

@Mikebanak I’m glad to hear it. I know very little about the process to get these 32 bit boards to work on our Mills. Thankfully, others here have been there, done that.

As your question was answered and your issue has been resolved, I’m closing this thread. If you have any other questions, please feel free to start a new thread on that issue.