Vertical storing options

Hello newb here. Looking at buying a longmill but a bit short on space. Was looking at the option of storing vertically and wondering what different systems do you have in place in order to do so? I would like to bring it down when in use but store it up when not in use.

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Hello! @thriller First welcome to the forum. Have you looked in the area “what are your plans for a table?” It says an estimated read time of 39 minutes. I thing there has been people here who have done vertical storage, but I didn’t need the advice, so I blew past it. Have a look around, you maybe surprised at what you may find. Again, welcome to the forum. Sienci makes one heck of a good CNC for the price.



I was looking through that area to get more ideas now, thanks.

I have the same “space” issues and this was my solution for a single car garage workshop. FYI, my Honda CRV still fits inside at night :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for sharing your idea. I was thinking of staying further away from the wall at the bottom but that gives me some other ideas. How far from the wall is the pivot point of yours?

The pivot is 10" from the wall.

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