Software feed speed adjustments

Had an issue with feed speed. I had set 1500mm per minute for the feed speed and when the machine started, it was showing 3000mm per minute as the feed speed. I was fortunate in being able to use that roughing speed with a brand new cutter but I was roughing 1mm steps in American maple and once the roughed areas became smaller, I started to see some tearout of small pieces.

I was able to use the excellent start from here feature in gSender after halting the program. I use a Mac and had to stop everything so I could boot into Bootcamp and access Carveco Maker. I slowed the feed speeds to 500 mm per minute and reloaded the .nc file into gSender. It worked from the correct place but somehow was super slow. It showed 50mm per minute and I was able to adjust the feed speed using the controls provided.

My questions revolve around why the initial multi-tool job had a feed speed that was too fast and why the revised file had feed speeds that were much slower than expected. I also would like to know why the software speed control appeared to do nothing when trying to slow the cut in the first file and did act as expected on the second file.

My impression was something was causing the written feed speed to be misinterpreted and the gSender software control of the speed was unavailable. It further caused a misinterpretation of the adjusted second file but could add to the speed specified in the file.

The image shows the normal toolpaths used (Offset for roughing and Spiral in a box for finishing) by me. I have used these values before and they are more than acceptable for American Maple, especially with brand new cutters.

Any assistance with solving this issue would be very welcome.

@jepho Looking at your screen shot above, your Finishing Pass and Feed and plunge rates are 1500 MM/MIN and your Roughing Pass feed and plunge rate is 1500 MM/SEC.


Good catch. Thank you for that. It must have been well outside of the parameters settable in gSender. I have used Carveco Maker for a while and never seen that fault before. I wonder if it happened when I entered some new cutters. Dang! Thank you @stevendq :laughing:

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