Christmas Contest 2021 VOTE HERE!

Hi everyone,

Vote for your favourite project here! Scroll down for pictures of all the projects :arrow_down:

One vote per user, and no voting for yourself please :rofl:

Any ties will be settled by the mods and admin :sunglasses:

Poll will close Friday Dec 10th!


Derek you have my vote! Not because it’s the most technical but because I actually shed a tear in reading the story. I am in awe of the feelings this project has envoked!

Thank you
Truly inspiring

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Ahhhhhh you cant change your vote!

I gave it to myslef on accident Take one off the chess set and give it to Tristans cheifs sign that is a very clean project

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I will make a note of that!

Hi everyone,

The voting period has closed. Thanks for participating in our first project contest!

The winners are:
Dany @djomphe
Tony @Tony
Luka @Luka_G
Derek @Schlumph
Jasper @Jasper.tizon
Russ @Rusty_golfer
Wes @I535woodworks
Brad @bhale
Dave @Davek
Tristan @Tristan
Michael @Mrborn
Andre @aarseneault
Brad @Skjersven25
Robert @rabult
Shawn @sjetton

I will be contacting everyone shortly (please check your messages here on the forum)!

Cheers and have a great Christmas and holiday season :christmas_tree: :star2: